Welcome to the Netherlands

29 Aug

Hello Everyone,

My  name is Caitlin. I am currently on a high school student exchange in Holland.  Some of you might be wondering what my blog is about. Well, in short it is a take on all my Dutch adventures. It will be a Dutch word a month. I hope to write at
least once a month though I would love to write once a week. As I am on a grand adventure living in Haarlem Netherlands, I make no promises.

I will give you your first two words: ja pronounced as ya it mean yes and nee pronounced nay which means no.

So you might be wondering why  I am giving you these words as your first words. The reason is 1) they are easy to remember and 2) they were my first words. It is funny I am here 2 days with no idea of how to speak the language and at the dinner table I learn my first words ja and nee. I was so happy to know a word any word that I was just so happy. They are simple and anyone can understand them.

For example: Ja, mijn naam is Caitlin. (Yes my name is Caitlin.)

Nee, mijn naam is niet Katharine. (No my name isn’t Katharine)

This is an old windmill (molen) it sits in Haarlem. At one time this mill was used to pump water from one canal and into another. At one time this ancient windmill burn to the ground but the base was still there so the people of Haarlem had it rebuilt. Even though now days it is no longer used to pump water it is a historical landmark simply for being a windmill of this sorts which is originally from the Netherlands. They are beautiful and a few like this one you can go into.

If you wish to contact me please do at: neiko@norwoodlight.com


One Response to “Welcome to the Netherlands”

  1. Robert W Butler August 30, 2011 at 3:02 am #

    Very good. Thank you for the language lesson. We will look forward to more of them.


    MomMom & PopPop

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