Zijn or not Zijn

8 Dec

Hello Everyone,

This month’s word is zijn or to be. It is one of the most important words to know how to use and to be able to use it properly. In this form it is pronounced zine. The “I” say its own name like “I” when talking about yourself.

I don’t have a fancy story like with the kaas or fietsen. No here it is a bit cut and dry. So on with the lesson. The word zijn is a verb. Like most of the verbs here it also can be conjugated.

Example: Wij zijn moe (We are tired).

You may be thinking this is easy when you look back at the verb fietsen. Do not be fooled by this verb. It is one of the Irregular verbs here in Nederland (Netherlands).

Zijn-to be

Ik ben (I am…)

Jij bent (You are…)

Hij/Zij is (He/She is…)

Wij zijn (We are…)

Julli zijn (You are…)

Zij zijn (They are…)

As you can see the different subjects all have different conjugation except the last three. Also to explain a difference between Zij (She) and Zij (They) the difference is big but the only hit, when people are using it, is how the verb after it is.


On with the interesting story for you all. This is Nishicon Nederlands. It is a one day event which is only 12 euro before hand and 15 Euros at the door. It was on the 13th of November this year. I saw it as the way to treat myself after I had a horrible and hard Nederlands Proefwerk (Dutch test) on the 12th. I woke up early and got there early. While trying to find the place it was being held, I ran into some cosplayer (or people dressed up). We went searching for it together. I was the one to notice the sign for the place. Then we waited for an extra 30 minutes before the doors even opened though they were supposed to open at 10 AM. I hung out with them. I was supposed to meet up with friends. It had a downstairs which had a cafe, a stage for main events, and a dealers room to buy stuff. (Reference picture two). The upstairs held the DDR (Dance Dance Revolution which is a dancing game played on mats with arrows pointing four direction to step on) set for 4 people, the game room which was really all just computers and game consoles where you had to sign up for a time slot to use, a room for their craft workshops, and more seating for observing main events. Over the course of the day I watched a noodle slurping contest, para para which is learning to dance, people showing off costumes, a DDR battle, amvs (anime music videos), and a dating game. In the lulls between these I checked out the dealers room, bought stuff. I found the people I was supposed to go with when they left, I hung out with the Hetalia group, turned down Russia’s offer to become one with mother Russia, played a game of soccer against Netherlands for Hetalia, did a kimono workshop called learn to put on a kimono on right, proved that if I keep my mouth shut and don’t say anything I fit right in to the point “I am Dutch”. It was a fun day from the beginning freezing my butt off to the end where I had to say goodbye to all the people and the anime convention of wonder.  I think the funniest part of the convention was when the Joker from Batman totally in character was doing a blind dating game and there on the other side was Batman from Batman, L and Light from Death Note during the chained seen with cat ears, a constant person of happiness an oc(own character), and one more I didn’t recognize where his potential dates. He asked question after question like what you think of purple and I still remember Batman’s response that it was fine except with green. At the end Joker choose Batman and they had a pretend fight on stage then walked off like a couple. Over all the day was so amazing.


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