Gelukkig Nieuwjaar

19 Mar

Hello Everyone,

It is a start to a New Year so I have one thing to say” Gelukkig Nieuwjaar” or” Happy New Year”. The word of the month is “willen” or to want. It sounds like Will-in. This is how you can express yourself on a level of what you want to do or have or see. It is very simple to use. As we all learn early to make demands and ask for objects we want, they also learn it here in the Netherlands. It is rare to hear it when you listen to older people as they have learned other ways of asking for things. But with kids and people learning the language it is great to have in your vocabulary. It will be helpful to you no matter what you want to say you would like to have.

Example: Hij wil een kat. (He wants a cat)

As you can see it can be used even in the most mundane of subjects but also for the most important of subjects as well like train tickets or to want to marry someone. There is no limit to what this verb can be used to ask for things. That is why I wish to teach it to you.

Willen-to want

Ik wil…(I want…)

Jij wilt…(You want…)

Hij/Zij wil…(He/She wants…)

Wij willen…(We want…)

Jullie willen…(You  want…)

Zij willen…(They want…)

Me in the North Sea

This is a very funny story. So on New Year’s Day, January 1st, I went to one of the beaches on the North Sea. I rode my bike to the train station in North Haarlem. I bought a ticket and rode it 4 stations heading north. Once I reached the train stop, I tried to catch a bus to the beach but to my surprise, the bus that goes there only runs in the summer and not during the winter months. Then I tried to call the YFU representative to get a ride and as my phone was going through my minutes ran out. No phone. I didn’t want to return home in failure. So in order to get to the beach I walked. I ended up wandering around trying to get to where the beach was. I walked for a better part of the day. I eventually found my way to the beach. I was so tired. I looked for the big YFU flag that was being waved around. It appeared I had gotten there late and missed the running into the water. So the Area Representative from YFU convinced me to go into the water even if no one else would be going with me. So as I scooted out of my clothes with only towels being held up to protect my modesty, he pronounced to the whole beach my story about being an exchange student and my long walk to the beach to run into the water. I had the whole beaches attention as I ran into the water. It was cold. The water was so freezing cold it turned my legs red in a matter of seconds.  It was so much fun at the same time as it was just so cold. I eventually got out of the water,  was given a token for a free hot chocolate or soup, and went off to sit in a bowl shaped hot tub powered by a wood-burning stove. I ended up getting dressed the same way I had undressed. Then I got hot chocolate with my token.  The students that also did the run all stayed and talked. After that one of the Host Families offered me a ride home but instead I had them drive me to the train station so I could take my bike home.  Before they took me to the train station we stopped at a nice little inn/restaurant. We all ate crepes. All in all even after it rained hard on me the whole way home the rain didn’t ruin a good day.


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